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- Mary -
49 yr old female 

“I've suffered from chronic pain, UTI's and fatigue for about 14 years now. During that time, I desperately seeked help from conventional doctors as I struggled to live a functional life. In the brief 20 minutes visits, pain medicine was usually the only solution. Many of these doctors dismissed my symptoms, leaving me frustrated. Eventually I felt hopeless and depressed. I began to study the importance of functional medicine which led me to Dr. Fleming. This changed my life. 

She talked to me for an hour about my symptoms and lifestyle. She was curious, asked questions and offered empathy. For the first time it felt like a doctor cared and wanted to help me heal. The lab work confirmed what was suspected, so she prescribed supplements and a temporary diet plan specific to my condition. No pharmaceuticals were needed! It's been almost a year since my initial visit with Dr. Fleming, and my symptoms have drastically improved. This means I have a better quality of life! I'm hardly ever fatigued or in pain these days and went from an average of 2 UTI's a year to zero! 

​I know she had an enormous amount to do with my healing process and I will forever be grateful.” M.M. 

Happy Woman


“I found Dr. Sandra when I was at a very low point in my health. She made me feel seen and heard because she initiated our journey by getting to know me, starting in utero. She cares about the whole me and she held my hand tight from the beginning all the way to where I am now, healed and thriving!”  A.P.

“My health has improved dramatically under Dr. Fleming's care! She has a wonderful ability to take as much time as needed to listen carefully. It is also easy to contact her with any health concerns.” B.G.

"I have had more energy, am less tired, sleeping better and handling stress better than before" J.P. 

Fists in Solidarity

Google Reviews

"Dr. Sandra Fleming offers the additional medical support I was looking for - a functional medicine physician to complement and augment my existing PC's service. Through her, I've a much more complete view of my health, allowing me to make better and more informed decisions about my health and healthcare options. A very well-trained and practiced physician, she is up-to-speed with the issues I'm concerned about, is caring, accessible, and open to my full participation. I'm so grateful she opened an independent practice here and look forward to the coming years under her care."

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