Welcome to Coastal Functional Medicine

You will experience a different level of care at Coastal Functional Medicine.

As a practitioner of Functional Medicine and as a Board-certified Family physician, Dr. Fleming blends traditional allopathic medical practices with an integrative, holistic approach, to give you the highest level of personalized health care. 

CFM is a Telemedicine Practice and all visits are virtual or by phone. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please call our office directly at (707) 440-9898 OR schedule a free phone consult by clicking here


How it works


  • After your free 15-minute Consultation and you become a patient, you will receive an email to register via our secure Patient Portal.

  • Registration: Please complete the Intake questionnaires and upload any prior labs, documents, and medications/supplements you are taking and schedule your appointment.

  • First Consultation with Dr. Fleming will include an assessment which will be 60 - 90 minutes long depending on the complexity of your health history.

    • The Comprehensive Assessment: Dr. Fleming will listen to your history and look for the multiple interactions between environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors which are unique to you.

    • Targeted lab testing and/or imaging will be ordered based on the assessment.