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Welcome to Coastal Functional Medicine

You will experience a different level of care at Coastal Functional Medicine.

Deciding to join us at Coastal FM is a big decision in terms of investment. There are three significant investments you will need to make if you desire to change the health condition you’ve been facing.


1. Financial

We don’t take insurance and we recognize the challenge this may create. However, we also understand the frustration you may have when your current state of health is creating havoc in your life - preventing you from feeling like your best self. This investment is in your long-term well-being.


2. Your Level Of Commitment

We understand why new patients may have concerns about feeling restricted by a cleansing diet or following a specific nutritional strategy to eliminate possible triggers to your condition. Yet, lifestyle changes including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management are the foundations of life-long health and wellbeing. Making a commitment and sticking to the plan is to your advantage. I am committed to your success just as passionately.


3. Your Time

You didn’t get here overnight and your conditions will likely not disappear overnight. Healing will require patience and commitment on your part. Most of our patients begin feeling better in a relatively short amount of time but everyone is different.

As a functional medicine practitioner and a Board-certified Family physician, Dr. Fleming blends traditional allopathic medical practices with an integrative, holistic approach, to give you the highest level of personalized health care. 

CFM is a Telemedicine Practice and all visits are virtual or by phone. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please call our office directly at (707) 440-9898 OR schedule a free phone consult by completing our assessment.

Let's Get You Scheduled
Please let us know a little bit about yourself so we can better serve you during our consultation.
On a scale of 1 to 5 how ready and willing are you to do what it takes to improve your health and achieve your goals in the near future? Not Ready At AllSort of Ready But Not SureMaybe Ready Next YearReady in the next few weeksReady to Start Today!On a scale of 1 to 5 how ready and willing are you to do what it takes to improve your health and achieve your goals in the near future?



  • After your free 15-minute Consultation and you become a patient, you will receive an email to register via our secure Patient Portal.

  • Registration: Please complete the Intake questionnaires and upload any prior labs, documents, and medications/supplements you are taking and schedule your appointment.

  • First Consultation with Dr. Fleming will include an assessment which will be 60 - 90 minutes long depending on the complexity of your health history.

    • The Comprehensive Assessment: Dr. Fleming will listen to your history and look for the multiple interactions between environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors which are unique to you.

    • Targeted lab testing and/or imaging will be ordered based on the assessment.

  • Two visits with our health coach to assist with modification habits and ongoing support throughout the healing journey.

  • One visit with our life coach to assist in lifestyle changes and goal setting. 

Meet The Team


Dr. Sandra Fleming, IFMCP

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Tessa Walker

Life Coach

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Tessa Walker is a life coach who provides compassionate, trauma-informed, holistic life coaching services for individuals, families, and communities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies and has twenty-two years of experience working in an array of social services settings. Tessa is also a Rapid Eye Technology Technician and finds this treatment modality exciting because it’s a natural way to release stress and trauma and can facilitate balance in the body.

Tessa has been gifted with a strong sense of compassion for humanity and a passion for supporting people through difficult life experiences as they bring forth their own inner knowing and take actionable steps to live their desired life.

Tessa treasures spending time with her son and daughter who bring joy and great love to her life. Tessa lives in Oregon on the McKenzie River and enjoys being outdoors where you’ll often find her hiking, river rafting, and exploring waterfalls and hot springs. 


Health Coach

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