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Not all supplements are created equal. Fullscript is a trusted dispensary that we use because they carry professional-grade supplements with third-party certifications. All of their products are ordered directly through the manufacturers and are kept in temperature-controlled warehouses so you get the most out of your supplements.

Shipping is free after $50! 

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Coastal Functional Medicine Favorites!

  • Disclaimer: This is not a personalized prescription for you but rather general guidance based on expert knowledge and scientific research. If you would like something tailored to your health, please contact your healthcare provider. If you are a practice member, please schedule a consult with us directly for any advice!

    If you would like to become a practice member and get a specific Wellness Plan tailored to your health or learn more about what we can offer you as a practice member, please contact us by phone at (707) 440-9898 or email us at

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